Foodography: Arancini

by allegrainitalia


My family had an Italian woman over to give me some more tips about traveling in Italy. To be honest, it was more of her answering my dad’s questions and making him feel better about me leaving on Friday (THREE DAYS).

I made arancini, or risotto balls with the leftover risotto from the day before, stuffed with some ragu and mozzarella.

Man, was it difficult. But well worth it.

Arancini are crunchy, satisfying, and hot. Dip them in the marinara sauce and pop them in your mouth. The crumbly exterior reveals warm, comforting risotto–creamy, cheesy and filling. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll be rewarded with oozing mozzarella cheese and a slightly acidic but still sweet tomato sauce to balance it all out. Chew, swallow, smile. Reach for more.

To make arancini, simply mix in an egg and breadcrumbs to leftover risotto. Take a large tablespoon of the risotto and place it in your palm. Make a well with your finger. Fill the well with chunky tomato sauce and mozzarella. Take some more risotto, cover the stuffing, and form a ball. Roll in breadcrumbs and deep-fry. Serve with marinara.